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    Color yourself calm.

    More than just pages for you to color, Let it Go is a journey to happiness. We know coloring provides a meditative form of relaxation for many people and can calm stressed nerves on busy days. This book however, is different in it's approach - in addition to 40 coloring pages, it also offers 11 unique activity pages that will push your brain towards happiness and inspirational positive thoughts.

    • 40 coloring pages and 11 stress relief activities
    • Perforated, one-sided coloring pages 
    • Original, hand-drawn art, no computer generated images 
    • Rear cover unfolds and tears out to become color protector sheet
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    Our reviews say it better than we can!

    "This book provides something creative and different from most other coloring books on the market, and should keep you busy coloring for many hours!"


    "The coloring book is also inspirational and educational at the same time..."


    "This is a fabulous book! First off it has something I wish every coloring book had, which is a color protector page. It is on the back cover of the book and detaches so that you can put it behind pages in case of bleeding through. The artwork is amazing. It is very whimsical and ranges from fairly easy to intricately detailed. All images are one per page with lovely sentiments printed opposite. I give this book 5 stars!"


    "This coloring book, suitable for teens and adults, is a wonderful departure from the typical adult coloring book. There are marvellously detailed drawings to color on single sided pages, along with multiple pages dedicated to various exercises created to promote relaxation, stress relief and artistic exploration."

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Let It Go carried in bookstores?

    Let It Go is independently distributed and sold in bookstores around Southern California, including Vroman's, Flintridge Books, Chaucer's Bookstore and The Book Loft. For wholesale info please contact Scott Gordon.

    What if I want to buy a copy for all the girls in my bunco group?

    Interested in buying multiple copies? Please contact us for special rates!

    Is coloring really good for you?

    Let It Go is being used in mental health and addiction facilities around the country to help patients relax and focus with great success!

  • About The Author

    Sherise Seven Adult Coloring Book author

    Sherise Seven

    Twitter @sheriseseven Instagram @Sherise__Seven

    I am a Los Angeles Illustrator/Author specializing in finely detailed ink art and positive stories.

    I read a Dick VanDyke quote where he said "If it's not fun, don't do it." I believe everything you do, every day should be fun or you shouldn't do it. I believe you can take that approach to every single thing in your life. Especially relationships. I've never done anything in my life that's been "by the rules" and I don't plan on starting anytime soon. Please join me on my quest of daily happiness won't you?

    Regarding my art:

    So many people have said to me "isn't that very meditative doing all that detail?" And the answer is, "yes"! No wonder I'm always so calm. Drawing and coloring can most definitely relax you.

    I'm no psychologist or therapist, but I DO know the stress and difficulties of life. You can't just do one thing to combat stress. You have to constantly work at it. It's like a full time job! I say bombard that stress with everything you can muster. Dance every day! Color. Exercise. Laugh. There was a time I was a little down, and I went on YouTube and watched every fail video of people falling down horribly that I could. Laughing is the best stress buster!

    After being hired to draw pages for coloring books for adults, I decided to create my own version. I love people and I hate that we have to be down, sad or frustrated at times. I've tried to create something unique and fun for you. I wanted you to actually have activities that help with the stress or worry you might have in your life. Things that will get that brain to concentrate about other things rather than the stress du jour. 

    Much love and peace to you!

    -Sherise Seven

    PS I love to see what you color! Find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SheriseSevenArt

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